About Us

About Us

Our story

Knokd is a Canadian startup founded by Derek Hooper, a third generation Realtor®. Derek wanted to create a technology that reduced the barriers to the traditional real estate transaction by recognizing that every property could be for sale. Knokd gives buyers and homeowners access that industry insiders benefit from every day.

Our values

Your success is our success

When we create success for our buyers, homeowners, and agents, the whole Knokd community wins.

Meaningful introductions

Everything we do revolves around delivering value to our customers. We're building a platform that is there for you when you need it.

Innovative real estate

We embrace challenges and overcome them together to evolve with ever-changing real estate trends.


Derek Hooper

Co-Founder and CEO
Derek is a real estate broker based in Ottawa, ON. With over a decade of experience working with buyers and sellers, Derek created Knokd to fill a gap that he identified in the market and to provide more value to his buyers' property search.

Dennis Mount

Dennis is a serial entrepreneur, with numerous patents issued worldwide, and is the founder of a successful solvent recycling company. He has a penchant for disruptive innovation and has helped propel Knokd to redefine how real estate is transacted.

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