For Buyers

For Buyers

Ever walk by a house and think

“If that house came up for sale, I would buy it.”

Stop dreaming and Knok today!

Knokd helps break down the barriers to the traditional search.

Virtual door knock

Knocking on doors is time consuming and awkward. With Knokd, simply select the property with a few clicks and we do the rest!

Follow your Knoks

Knokd's Follow feature ensures you'll never miss out on your dream home if the property gets listed through traditional channels.

Knok the Block™

Lose out on a bidding war but love the street? Knok the entire block and find out about the next opportunity before anyone else.

Knok any property

Open the door to unlisted properties.

With the Knokd App, you can Knok any property and we send the homeowner a personalized letter in the mail. Don't wait for your dream home to hit the market through traditional channels. You never know who might be thinking of selling!
chat with homeowners

Get notified instantly when a homeowner responds.

If a homeowner responds, you'll be notified through the Knokd App in a chat with the owner and your agent. You can ask specific questions about the house and set up a showing if appropriate. If you don't get a response, we'll notify you if any of the properties you've Knokd get listed through traditional channels.
add your partner

Knok your dream home together.

Add your partner to your account so you can both Knok properties and stay in the loop with homes you love. You can also use the group chat feature to communicate with your agent directly in the app.

At the moment, Knokd is being offered through a partnership with Blue Panda Realty. 

Get access to Knokd through one of our partner agents.