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For Homeowners

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Gauge interest on your home, without ever having to list.

By registering your property, you'll be notified if your house is Knokd. If you ever decided to sell, you can reach out to interested buyers without listing on traditional channels.
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Responding to buyer inquiries through Knokd is free.

If you receive a Knokd letter in the mail, or a notification in the app that a buyer is interested in your home, you can respond safely and securely. There is no cost for homeowners to connect with buyers through Knokd. A Knok is simply an expression of interest, so feel free to chat with the buyer and see where things go!
high quality introductions

Knokd buyers are pre-qualified and ready to make an offer.

Our buyers are serious about their search and have specific locational preferences. If your home was handpicked by a buyer, they are interested! You can respond to the buyer directly in the app and decide if you'd like to arrange a showing.

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