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Homes that can’t be found on any other portal.

Coming soon property
Coming Soon Homes
Homes that will be listed on an MLS® soon or in the next 72 hours, but aren’t yet.
Exclusive property
Exclusive Homes
Homes that will be sold off-market or new builds that will not be listed on an MLS®.
Assignment property
Assignment Homes
Contract transfers for homes that are not yet sold and cannot be listed on an MLS®.
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How it works

The compliant way to search and share.

Your brokerage
Unlimited sharing in your brokerage
An internal network for you to share and search listings in your own brokerage without barriers.
1-1 sharing
1-to-1 sharing with your contacts
Share and receive listings on a 1-to-1 basis with agents outside your brokerage.
Public sharing
72 hour public sharing
Share your listings with the Knokd community within 72 hours of MLS® launch.
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Earn (at least) 1 new client in your first month, guaranteed.

Invite your prospects to access the off-market using our outreach resources, and we guarantee you’ll earn 1 new client in the first month. Or your money back*.

*Conditions apply


Offer unique listing strategies that stand out from the crowd.

Increased privacy
Increased Privacy

For sellers who want a discreet sale.

Tailored exposure
Tailored Exposure

For boosting exposure to your direct community.

Price testing
Price Testing

To gauge a pricing decision, before you go live.

First impressions
Preserve MLS® Debut

Share your listing without compromising first impressions.

Long closings
Long Closings

Get the word out while closing is still underway.

Market exploration
Market Exploration

See what is working, and what isn’t in a market.

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Professional tools designed
by agents, for agents.

In brokerage network
In-Brokerage Network
Share and search listings with agents within your brokerage without any barriers.
RCP compliant sharing
Compliant External 1-to-1 Sharing
Receive and share listings with agents outside your brokerage on a 1-to-1 basis.
Coming soon properties
Broadcast Coming Soon's
Tap into a network of coming soon listings 72 hours before they launch on MLS®.
Automatic looking fors
Automatic Looking For’s
Set up searches for yourself or your clients to be notified when property matches arise.
Client invitations
Client Invitations
Invite your clients to access the off-market through your custom conversion link.
Custom invite URLs
Custom Invite URLs
Share your custom invitation landing page to convert prospects into engaged clients.

What high performing agents are saying

Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
“Adds significant value to our business.”
Knokd is an invaluable tool, enhancing our ability to serve our clients. It empowers buyers by regularly presenting off-market listings. For sellers, it’s a proactive approach to marketing properties discreetly.
Jason Pilon
Jason Pilon
Team Leader
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
“A great tool to show added value.”
“We absolutely love using Knokd. It’s a great tool to show added value to your buyers by showing them that you have more options for them other than MLS listings and for sellers by showing them that we can expose their listing to potential buyers prior to us going live on MLS.”
Real Estate Agent
Dimitri Kalogeropoulos
Team Leader
Review starReview starReview starReview starReview star
“A game changer.”
"This is the best tool I've seen anyone bring to the market. It's a game changer for our team!"

Paul Rushforth
Paul Rushforth
Brokerage Owner
“Opportunity made possible.”
“I discovered a property on Knokd adjacent to a triplex I sold a year ago, providing a head start and the chance to reconnect with a past client by offering valuable insights. We're now working to acquire the property, an opportunity made possible solely through Knokd.”
Real Estate Agent
Cameron Marcus
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