Everything you need to know about the CREA Realtor® Cooperation Policy

June 13, 2024

Making sense of the realtor cooperation policy: We break down everything you need to know to navigate the new off market.

The Canadian Real Estate Association has launched the Realtor® Cooperation Policy, which restricts the public marketing of residential off-market listings. This policy effects all real estate agents, and it is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest details of the policy to remain compliant. The off-market makes up over 33% of real estate listings and is a necessary service for agents to offer their clients. Learn about the policy, and how you can adapt to the changes.

When does the policy begin?

The policy will go into enforcement on January 3rd, 2024.

Who does the policy affect?


What does the policy restrict?

The policy restricts the “public” marketing of listings more than three days prior to listing on an MLS®. This includes personal or brokerage websites, social media, lawn signs, email blasts, newsletters and online communities.

Fortunately, the Knokd platform does NOT trigger public marketing, so you can post on Knokd with confidence.

What types of property listings are affected by this policy?

Residential listings are subject to this policy.

The following are exempt from the policy: New construction homes in developments, rentals, and commercial properties.

How CAN you compliantly market an off-market property?

It is compliant to share your listings to the agents and clients of your brokerage. It is also compliant to share your listing via 1-to-1 communication with agents outside of your brokerage.

You can list your property on Knokd and it will automatically be shared with all agents within your brokerage. Additionally, Knokd makes it easy to 1-to-1 share your listing with agents outside your brokerage that have a matching client search for your listing.

Who is enforcing this policy?

The policy will be enforced by your local real estate board.

How can you stay compliant to the Realtor Cooperation Policy?

The Realtor® Cooperation Policy affects all agents, and you can be equipped to keep offering your clients compliant off-market services. Join the Knokd community to access the Canada’s fully compliant off-market network.

Have more questions about the policy? Feel free to reach us at support@knokd.com or book a call with our team.

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