How to Grow Your Real Estate Business with Knokd

June 26, 2024

A how-to guide on growing your business by tapping into pre-market and off-market listings.

Step 1: Sign-up for free

Signup for Knokd. It’s totally free to start, so you really have nothing to lose.

Step 2: Are there listings in your working area yet?

Checkout the listings in your working area. Click on Listings -> Search in the left navigation.

Yes there are lots of listings -> Great, skip to step 5.

No, there aren't many listings -> We got some work to do, go to step 3.

Step 3: Invite agents from your brokerage or team

In order for Knokd to have value, you need to have agents in your working area that are adding Coming Soon, Exclusive or Assignment listings. 

Invite your team or brokerage - You can share 100% of your listings with these agents and still be fully RCP compliant.

Invite colleagues outside your brokerage - Some listings can be shared freely with these agents, but exclusive residential listings will need to be 1-1 shared (which is okay, it’s easy to do!).

Step 4: Add listings

Get some listings in. Have any exclusives? Coming Soons? Assignments? Add them to Knokd! And ask your team to do the same.

Did you know premium plans have admin support? Admin’s can upload listings for your entire team to make it easy.

Step 5: Invite potential buyers and clients

Let the buyers in!!

Invite them - Just invite them from the “Contacts” sections and they will receive an invite to subscribe with you.

Manually add them - Have their info? Know what they want? You can add their details and their search criteria yourself.

Sign-up link - This is your growth tool. Potential buyers and your clients can all signup and follow your off-market network with you. Here are the best ways to share it:

📧 Email blast - Do you have an email database? Send out your signup link with our recommended template.

🧍 In-person with clients - Checkout our buyer and seller flyers.

🏠 Open house - View our open house flyer.

📱 Social media post - Take a look at our suggestions.

Your sign-up page and open-house flyer.

Your buyers will now be notified of all coming soon and exclusive listings in their search areas that become available in your network. Pretty cool right?

Keep growing

Keep growing your networks and contact count. You are providing potential buyers with listings they cannot find on Redfin, or HouseSigma so the Knokd platform can help you stand out and attract buyers earlier in their search.

Expected results

Buyers will reach out to you earlier in their search. And homeowners will be drawn to learn more about the alternate listing strategies available through Knokd

Your passive leads will become active leads. What better way to nurture your passive leads than with listing alerts for properties not found anywhere else. 

You will get more referrals. Who doesn't love an inside scoop? Buyers will be telling their friends. 

First mover advantage on Coming Soons. We all know how important even a day can be when going for your dream property

Bonus result

Have any seller clients on the fence on listing on MLS? Use Knokd to give them a risk free way of testing the market. Or gain exposure before they are ready for a full MLS listing.

Earn (at least) 1 new client in the first month, guaranteed

Signup to Knokd and if you add 50 potential buyers into your platform, and don’t get at least 1 new client, we’ll refund you first 3 months and give you another 3 months free. We are confident that you will get value.

Sign Up Free

Join the Knokd community to share and find exclusive, coming soon and assignment homes. The Knokd platform is Realtor Cooperation Policy compliant.


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